Port facilities

The port facilities can be found at Kanalkaiene and Revet. Svartebukt Havn, which is a separate terminal for stone export, was opened in 2003. Additionally, Dampskipskaia in Stavern is sporadic in use as a traffic quay.

Commercial port
The port facilities can be found at Kanalkaiene and Revet. The ferry traffic was moved from Indre Havn (Town Centre) in 2008 to new, modern facilities at Revet.

Svartebukt Havn in Brunlanes is a separate terminal used for stone export. In addition, Dampskipskaia in Stavern is in sporadic use as a traffic quay.

The ferry dock in Helgeroa is in use all year round to serve the local need for transportation to Øyane/Langesund and for charter traffic in the summer season. There are no private quays within the port district.

There are 3 fishing harbours in the port district and approximately 15 registered professional fishermen.

There are 10 municipal leisure boat harbours with a total of approximately 1,600 mooring places within the harbour area. The daily operation and administration of the marinas has been entrusted to local boat associations.

The long coastline with islands and sandy beaches, combined with the pleasently warm summertime, makes the Larvik district an attractive resort for yachting. The number of guest days in the Port of Larvik's marinas yields a total of 5,000 per season and especially Stavern is very popular.

Statictics 2012
The number of calls in 2012 was 1,195.

Overall cargo throughput reached 2.1 million tons, an increase of 17 percent since 2011. 60 percent of the cargo was handled via container and ferry services. The Port of Larvik is primarily an international port with 97 percent of its cargo turnover relating to international traffic (2012).

Container turnover was 61,700 TEUs.

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Havnegata 5, 3263 Larvik
Postboks 246, 3251 Larvik

Telefon: (+47) 33 16 57 50
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Posisjon (Revet):

59° 2'25''N  (59.04028 Lat)
10° 2'50''E  (10.04722 Long)