The Larvik – Frederikshavn Ferry Company was founded in the 1930´s, while the ferry connection itself was established in 1937 with «Peter Wessel» from Indre Havn (Town Centre). The company changed its name to Larvik Line in 1986 and was acquired by the Color Line Group in 1996. In 2006, the port of call in Denmark was changed from Frederikshavn to Hirtshals.

From 2008, the new ship «SuperSpeed 2» has been operating the Hirtshals line from the new Ferry Terminal at Revet. This ship represents a completely new transport solution related to cargo capacity, and speed and comfort for passengers, and has proved to be a considerable success for Color Line.

Goods traffic by ferry was 564.000 tons in 2012; spread over 86.400 freight units (trucks, lorries and semi trailers). Passenger traffic via the Port of Larvik was 777.000 passengers (+ 7 percent from 2011) and 249.000 cars (+10 percent).

Calls to the ferry dock were 628 in 2012 compared to 624 in previous year due to conversion of ships.  

 The Color Line Ferry Terminal is ISPS certified. 


Havnegata 5, 3263 Larvik
Postboks 246, 3251 Larvik

Telefon: (+47) 33 16 57 50
e-post: post@larvik.havn.no



Posisjon (Revet):

59° 2'25''N  (59.04028 Lat)
10° 2'50''E  (10.04722 Long)