General cargo and bulk

A wide variety of goods go through the Port of Larvik. The day-to-day activities of the port include steel and wood products, stone, project consignments, offshore installations and the import of raw materials for Felleskjøpet, the Norwegian agricultural cooperative.


Larvikite, the national stone of Norway, is extracted from quarries in the Larvik district. The stone is a major item from the Port of Larvik and is shipped in containers, and as bulk loads on ships and barges. Annual exports of stone may in a good year exceed one million tonnes.

Waste stone

The by-product, Storstein - also called waste stone - is shipped on barges to Europe for use in breakwaters and port construction – and to prevent erosion along coastlines.

Stema Shipping AS (Norsk Stein) operates its own facilities for stone exports at Svartebukt port.

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