Stone export

Stone export

Within the Larvik area, one can find a number of quarries where stone is extracted for use within interiors, exteriors, furniture, monuments etc. The stone is exported as unfinished goods, and is prepared and treated abroad, for instance Italy, Spain and China.

Larvikitt, orginally 300 million years of age, is a unique and beautiful type of stone voted as "National Stone of Norway". The by-product Armour Stone (also known as «waste stone») is exported on barges to Great Britain and other European countries, where it is used in safeguarding coastal areas, and building piers and breakwaters.

Over 1 million tons of stone were exported in 2012. Armour Rock and gravel accounted for 704.000 tons (2011: 390.000 tons).

Stema Shipping Norway has their own Stone Terminal situated in Svartebukt in the outskirts of Larvik for export of Armour Rock and gravel.


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